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  • Spring engineering

    Calculation and design of all types of springs, relaxation studies, calculation of fatigue by Goodman law, according to Gauss prediction predictive enforcement tolerances state-art engineering with the media and supports most sophisticated of the times. A staff of engineers academically very well prepared and experienced in the performance of its functions. All at the disposal of our customers to add value to their products. We have the most advanced software systems analysis and design. IST, Autocad, Inventor, Solid Edge, Unigraphics, MITCalc and a variety of media that is designed by our own engineers. There is not a wider choice in the market in this field. Try it and see the difference. Read More
  • Manufacturing specialists

    Our staff is trained and qualified to handle the most sophisticated machinery and systems on the market and the moment. Vision by camera, GESPROD, CNC and PAC management are some of the methodologies and techniques used. Read More
  • Last generation machinery

    The most modern and sophisticated equipment allow us to offer to our customers an unlimited range of products to meet their demands at any time. Machines with cutting-edge systems to drive up to 16 CNC axes. Muelles CROM was a pioneer in the leading and acquisition of this type of machine, the first company that had CNC transfer and QAC Video embedded control system. We use this system for all customers and sectors without exception. Read More
  • Variety of products

    The variety of products that MUELLES CROM can offer is unlimited. But besides that, if you do not see the part you want, please contact us to explore together the possibility of manufacturing Read More
  • Corrosion tests

    Salt spray testing machine to check the corrosion resistance of the products we manufacture. The tests are performed by standard ASTM B-117. All lots are tested for better warranty of our production. Read More
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  • Fabricado con material de acero Cromo Vanadio  y en sistema de arrollado en caliente. Granallado y revenido y posterior pintado RILSAN negro con TGR.   Son para el mercado AFTERMARKET
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  • Muelles CROM can guarantee "0" defects thanks to modern and sophisticated detection systems, regulation and selection of parts. Our machinery and production lines are equipped with the latest technological advances
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    "0" DEFECTS

  •           We can design any type of spring and/or part of which we manufacture with 100% success guarantee We like our customers and even our potential
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  • Muelles CROM Springs is a pioneer in the design and calculation of springs. No wonder we are the leading manufacturers of springs in the country to have an Internet presence
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Technical considerations monographic on tension springs

  • Extension springs initial tension
  • Initial tension test
  • Extension samples 01
  • Extension samples 02
  • Shapes
300X225 2480032One of the least understood elements of spring design is the initial tension in the tension springs . Often engineers designing springs only calculate the amount of charge needed to overcome this force at once , and often not even take into account either the calculated finger. Although two springs may be identical in geometry , can vary their A very technical description of the initial tension of the spring is wound up against its own axis . However, we simplify this description by saying that the initial tension is simply the amount of force required to start spring training deformed or off the coils together Generally , the higher is the ratio of winding ( Dm / d ) , the lower the initial stress , and conversely, the lower ratios produce higher initial tension. However, the range of initial tension will vary in each case. The initial voltage can be better achieved and more controllable when the resultant stress is between 30 and 60 % of the flexibility of the material , divided by the winding ratio ( D / d ) . Requirements outside this range cause difficulties in manufacturing and control processes and should be discussed with the Technical Department of Muelles CROM  
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2310016 wmInitial tensión also known as PreLoad

Measuring the amount of initial strain in an extension spring can be a complicated and often poorly understood for those who are not familiar with the manufacture of springs. Sometimes drivers extend the docks until you can "see the light through" between the coils and then measure the load.
Some use other unorthodox, developed and transmitted by inspectors or engineers who are not familiar with the spring design methods.

The most suitable and accurate method is used as follows:
1- Extending spring to a certain length (L1) which ensures the separation of the coils.
2- The spring then extends a distance equal to (L2).
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80x80 CPMSTR1440047

Long hook extension spring

RokGallery is a powerful gallery extension that is based on a custom-tagging architecture.

80x80 CPMSTR3910001

German hook spring

An extendable menu extension that sits at the core of the Fusion Menu and SplitMenu systems.

80x80 DSCN3097

Barrel body shape

A powerful compression / performance plugin that collates CSS / JS files into single files for faster loading.


Con protección thermoshape

A content switchblade extension that has multiple layout modes within one unified control system.

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Springrock is a system assembly/manufacture of Muelles CROM patented springs that allows changing hooks on the pilates springs and  is automatic and guaranteed for life for all our customers


Pilates springs

Manufactured from the discipline of gymnastics of Dr. Joseph Pilates.

CPMSTR8310004 wm

Micro mini springs

We can manufacture with absolute guarantee these springs from 0.10 Ø wire.

CPMSTR72600072 wm

More Layout types of springs

To be requested to Muelles CROM

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DIN2097 01 DIN2097 02 DIN2097 03 DIN2097 04 DIN2097 05                    

All shape ends according to EN-DIN 2097 standard

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