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Gas springs

Our standard range of gas springs contains 900 different elements that can be combined with a hundred end fittings and accessories. If nevertheless have special requirements in terms of size, strength or other property, our technical and sales staff are ready to offer their professional help and advice for each case.

We have a wide experience in the manufacture of gas springs and systematically prioritize technological advances in this field. Our wide range of high quality products and focus that we give the service so as to stand out from our competitors.

The gas spring Lesjöfors is unique in its scale and is known for its great diversity. This allows our gas springs are used in all sectors of industry.

Our experienced engineers are able to solve the most complicated problems and so we have reached our level of quality through deep expertise in combination with the technology of production of gas springs. Also constantly improving our gas springs through close collaboration with our customers.

Whether your application requires a standard gas spring or gas spring as we can help you find the best solution. This includes downloading 3D CAD models and the immediate delivery of gas springs and end connections that we always have in stock. These services play a key role in the creation of prototypes, for example.

We can also help you figure mounting configurations optimized for specific application, or customize gas spring in a whole variety of ways.

We supply any product in record of our manufacturing program and special offers that are answered immediately while.

Lesjöfors is a trade mark of LESJOFÖRS AB, Sweeden

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